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Like Titties? This girl should have her pretty picture next to BBW on urban dickshunary guys. I LIKED her ALOT! And not just cause I got to tell her what “rimjob” meant. I mean she knew what a rimjob was she just didn’t know the name for it. When I asked her for one she goes “Whats a rimjob” and when I told her she was like “Oh yea I always do that” and started lappin away like a kitten on a milk saucer. And she did get some milk a few minutes later but she had to work for it. And them titties! Wow she could feed half of Bombay’s street urchins with those things. Guys should CJ come back and get done again? I would sure have fun with that.

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Brand-New Never-Before seen Southern girls of all kinds 18yos to GILFs that want to just talk about Big Money Modeling but when they show up for their appointment our cameras are rolling and we see how far they will go! Some are Hot, Some are Not, YOU Be the judge!

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