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So many contradictions here! So this girl Brandi answers my ad and is all pumped up and enthusiastic about making her fortune as a porn actress. Gets on my couch and says she’s only had sex with her boyfriend that she’s been with since she was too young for a PG-13 movie but then later says she’s done anal but not with him. Hmmmm interesting. She shows up all demure looking like she works at the library but when she takes off her top shes got on this sexy lingerie top and when she takes off her pants there are no panties there. She is totally willing to do whatever I ask but doesn’t seem to have any emotion at all while in the act. I actually got a little mean with her cause her robotic motions were getting me all frustrated. Not so much that I didn’t give her a big old serving of that Tooty Frooty Ice Cream though… What do you think guys? Does she have a future or should we toss her back in the ocean??

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Brand-New Never-Before seen Southern girls of all kinds 18yos to GILFs that want to just talk about Big Money Modeling but when they show up for their appointment our cameras are rolling and we see how far they will go! Some are Hot, Some are Not, YOU Be the judge!

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